Olivia round

Overcoming Fear… One Adventure at a Time.


Fear sucks. It keeps us at home and prevents us from embarking on the adventures of a lifetime, like cycling coast to coast or backpacking through foreign countries. It keeps us waiting for years to find the right travel buddy, instead of buying that plane ticket when we’re ready.

I’ve been there. And then I did something crazy: I went on adventures by myself. They weren’t always easy, or fun, but they were always worth it. I became what I thought my fears would never allow: I became an Adventuress.

Now, I’m collecting a gang of fellow Adventuresses… and I think you’re one of them.

So grab a glass of wine, a mug of chamomile tea, or whatever helps you calm the *bleep* down, because we’re gonna talk about chilling out, finding balance, and going the distance. Let’s inspire one another to overcome fear - one adventure at a time.

You ready, Adventuress?

Let's Go...


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