Olivia Round

Overcoming fear through adventure


The journey that changed everything...

Picture this: A twenty-two-year-old woman is seated on the curb in front of a tiny convenience store in rural Mississippi.  She’s covered in her own sweat from riding thirty miles on her bicycle that morning, as well as slimy sunscreen and a gritty layer of road dust. Her short, dark hair is sticking up at odd angles, and she’s ravenously gnawing on a piece of fried chicken that’s clutched in both hands as grease drips down her forearms. A young man struts around the corner, stares at her with wild eyes as if he’s never seen a woman before, and bellows, “HELLOOO, MISS AMERICA!”

This is the opening scene of Miss America, the story of my 5,000 mile bike ride from Oregon to Florida. The trip was inspired by my deep-seated fear of sexual violence. I’d been mysteriously afraid of men my entire childhood, and by the time I entered college I was sick of being scared all the time. Plus, my panic attacks were cramping my style in the bedroom. It was time for a bold move: one that would give me the opportunity to tackle my worst fears, and force myself to be alone and vulnerable in a world of strangers.

This book is an unflinchingly-honest account of my story of overcoming fear. With a refreshing sense of humor, dozens of lovable characters, and a plot that twists as many times as my bike route, Miss America will inspire people everywhere to do the things that scare them most... and love the journey.

Olivia is currently finishing the manuscript for the book about her adventure.

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