Excerpts from the up-and-coming best-seller...

Good things are worth waiting for. But, just as I like to snitch raw cookie dough before the cookies are ready, I like to sample my work as I go.  Below are a few excerpts from my memoir!  Help yourself, and enjoy.




Florence, Colorado

After suffering a full-blown panic attack earlier that day, Olivia prepares herself for a difficult night when she discovers the public park (offering free camping) is infested with naughty teenagers.


Probably Racist

Rosedale, Mississippi

Olivia finds herself unprepared for the deeply-embedded racism of the rural south when a Southern Baptist church congregation rescues her from a washed out campground. 



Mckenzie Pass, Oregon

Encountering evangelical campground hosts, a pair of helpful hippies, and her poorly-timed period, Olivia slogs her way up McKenzie Pass in three days when it takes most cyclists just one.