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The Journey That Changed Everything...

I was scared.  Ever since I could remember, I'd had an unwavering, inexplicable fear of men.  It wasn't anyone's fault, and it certainly wasn't fair to all the kind, respectable men in my life, yet I couldn't shake it. In a world where sexual assault was more prevalent than cancer, and where one in four young women were sexually abused before the age of eighteen, I had a hard time telling myself to calm down. 

By the time I entered college, I was an anxious mess. It was time for a bold move: one that would give me the opportunity to face my fears and force myself to be alone and vulnerable in a world of strangers.


At the age of twenty one, I withdrew from college to ride a bicycle alone across the United States.

The tale of my 5,000 mile solo bike ride from Oregon to Florida, which I undertook in 2011, delivers an unflinchingly-honest, and surprisingly funny, American coming-of-age story. With a refreshing sense of humor, dozens of lovable characters, and a plot that twists as many times as my bike route, I hope this memoir will inspire people everywhere to face their fears... and love the journey.   Read more about what sets this memoir apart.

I'm currently finishing the manuscript for my memoir.

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