Boxin' that Bike Up

It's moving time!  Oh golly, moving is a gnarly business... My heart goes out to folks who change living places regularly!  Alex and I have only lived in Hawaii for a year, but it still feels somewhat stressful to leave, like being yanked up outta the dirt, with my roots dangling vulnerably.  We're moving to Seattle area in the middle of winter... and as a result, most of our friends in Hilo think we're totally nuts. But opportunity knocks! And we shall answer.


Luckily for me, I worked at a bike shop in Hilo, Hawaii for a year, and while that doesn't make me an expert, it does mean I've had some practice with putting bicycles into boxes. 

It's a magic trick, one that makes your cumbersome steed into something streamlined and pack-able, and best of all: it allows your bike to accompany you on epic adventures elsewhere. 


There's plenty of bike-boxing tutorials on the internet, but here's a link to my favorite: How To Box Your Bicycle by TDA Global Cycling.

I especially appreciate their reminder to bring a roll of tape with you to the airport!!! You'd be surprised how often you've gotta cut the box open to grab one last thing, or to make it lighter, etc.

Get ready, Whidbey Island, Washington.  Here we come!