Launching Indiegogo Campaign!

I've been dreaming about designing clothing since I was a little girl.  But now, like never before, I'm going after that dream!

My passions are intersecting perfectly: as a woman, a cyclist, an artist, an advocate, and a writer. By launching my new design business, I get to share all my favorite things with you!

What I Need

Let's face it: launching a business costs a chunk of money up front!  In order to cover the wholesale cost of the clothing and bags, as well as the printing and shipping costs, I'll need $2000. That's where you come in: Contribute to my indiegogo campaign, and receive beautiful merchandise in return!

What's With the Hummingbird?


I was inspired to create a small-but-mighty design that embodies freedom, speed, and adventure...

After interviewing more than a dozen female cyclists from all walks of life, one thing stood out to me: the freedom and pure joy that all these women found in cycling. "It's like flying," several women have said. I was inspired to create a small-but-mighty design that embodies the freedom, speed, and adventure that's inherent in riding a bike.  I have so many more designs ideas that I can't wait to share with you, but first I've gotta get this baby (my business) off the ground!

Products I Love, That I Would Wear

I wouldn't sell you just anything.  The only merchandise I sell are items that I feel good about: from the texture of the cloth, to where they're made, to how they're printed.  

  • Tshirts - 100% cotton, made in the USA, fine jersey knit. Available in both lime green and sky blue.
  • Tote Bags - 100% organic cotton, made in the USA, sturdy canvas.
  • Both Tshirts and Totes are printed with water-based ink at a small, locally owned and operated shop right here in the Northwest. (You're welcome!)

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Make some noise!  Spread the word about this campaign, and I'll be forever grateful.
  • Share my design on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Subscribe to my blog

Thank you for supporting female entrepreneurs like me!