My Story on the JoyRide Podcast

(Pressed for time? You can skip ahead and listen to minutes 5:00 through 45:00 for the meat of the interview.)

Cat Caperello, a bike enthusiast in Portland, Oregon, started JoyRide Podcast to celebrate women on bicycles.  Three years into her project, she's interviewed dozens of women from all walks of life about their experiences with cycling.  I had the honor of being added to her list of awesome women on Sunday, when she published this hour-long interview with me:

Cat and I discuss the real reasons behind why I cycled more than 5,000 miles from to Oregon to Florida. The truth is uncomfortable, but with Cat's deft interviewing skills, we navigate my uncomfortable motivations for going on tour, the importance of cultivating one's intuition, the #metoo movement, and the one piece of “essential” gear I didn’t even bother to bring on my solo journey across the country. 

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