Of Bugs & Bicycles

As of this month, I'm a regular contributor to Adventure Cycling Association's blog!  Yipee!

Here's an excerpt from my latest piece, "Of Bugs & Bicycles," which was featured on the ACA site today. For the full article, click the button below. Enjoy!

"For a moment, I forgot all about chocolate cookies. I stared at the woman, but was no longer listening. My mind replayed the scene: the screech, the indignant swat, the assertion of her personal space against the fly. Maybe I used to be like that. I couldn’t remember.

Since the beginning of this bike tour, bugs and I bothered each other with impunity. Spiders wandered into my tent and were thrown back out, ants were shaken from my panniers, mosquitoes sucked at me before getting slapped, and grasshoppers dove into my clothing. The idea of screaming with outrage every time a grasshopper landed on me was so far from my current reality that it seemed laughable." Click Here for Full Article...