Kitesurfing at 65 - Mikaya

Mikaya is like a female Yoda from Star Wars: tiny, surprisingly strong. A master of her craft. And full of one-liner witticisms, in a voice that faintly echoes her Scottish heritage. I swear one time she actually told me, "Size matters not," with a glittering grin. (And yes, grins can glitter. I learned that from Mikaya. Her playfulness transcends her sixty-five-plus years on earth.)


Mikaya is like a female Yoda: tiny, surprisingly strong... and full of one-liner witticisms. 

I had the pleasure of living with this Jedi Master for a few months in 2016, on her lush property on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was mending from a broken relationship, and overwhelmed by the new direction my heart was being pulled towards. During that time, Mikaya was my spiritual teacher. I hung on her every word, I couldn't help myself. Every syllable she uttered was a drop of medicine. She'd been through so much, and she had fought and worked and surrendered enough to find her way to a deep peace, a lasting happiness. "If she can do it," I thought, closing my eyes and listening to the tropical jungle around us, "then so can I."


In the evenings, Mikaya would tell me about her life: Her long, beautiful, tangled, shocking, magical life

In the daylight hours, we planted banana and papaya trees together, and ate tomatoes from the garden, as her small black cat wound its way around our legs. In the evenings, we'd relax with a cup of tea and a handful of cookies, and Mikaya would tell me about her life. Her long, beautiful, tangled, shocking, magical life. 

One of the beautiful, shocking, and magical things she did was take up kitesurfing at age 52. "I wanted to do something that was truly useless," she laughed, explaining that her time had been spent building houses, fixing cars, and healing people. "I wanted to do something that didn't help anybody. Something that didn't contribute at all, that wasn't productive." Mikaya quickly fell in love with kitesurfing, calling it a 'dance with wind and water.'

"As it turns out, kitesurfing may be the most useful thing I do," she conceded, "Because it brings me such joy." 

It's been a long time since I saw Mikaya. I've been missing her. But last week, she sent me this link to a video. Apparently she'd been spotted kitesurfing at the ripe age of 65, and a small team of filmmakers had hunted her down, eager to share her story with the world. This short film was made, and eventually sold to a large (albeit unlikely) media company: Glamour Magazine. And so you, too, can enjoy a moment with Mikaya the Jedi Master today. All you have to do is click the link below, and prepare yourself for the disarming charm of this 65-year-old powerhouse.

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