Spring Cleaning

It hailed on me this morning. Not exactly the most inviting weather for cycling, but I had somewhere to be: I've landed a fabulous job at a local plant nursery, where I commune with eccentric gardeners and mysterious plants, bask in the sunshine on my lunch breaks, and water the delicate annual flowers in the greenhouse. I love it.


Miya (my bike) is thrilled to be my workhorse again.

My new gig is a 3 mile ride from home, which is the perfect commute.  Oddly enough, I pedaled the same distance to work every day at the bike shop in Hilo, Hawaii last year. It seems that I gravitate towards jobs that are 3 miles away from home. 

It's about 18 minutes of cycling, which is just enough to wake up in the morning without getting worn out. I arrive at the nursery refreshed, warmed up, and ready for the work day. Even if it's hailing. 

Miya (my bike) is thrilled to be my workhorse again. Those short trips to the grocery store weren't cutting it this winter, and she was getting a little stir-crazy cooped up in the living room. So was I, as a matter of fact. This day job is doing wonders for both of us. 


After the full moon and a candy-filled Easter weekend, Alex and I were ready for a little "spring cleaning." I took Miya outside to wipe down her drivetrain, and then Alex and I started a juice fast. Yes, that's right: a juice fast. We will abstain from normal human food for three days, and drink nothing but fresh, organic, nutrient-dense juice. That'll help me recover from eating too many of those Reese's Easter Eggs and chocolate bunnies... 

Spring cleaning, inside and out. ;) 

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