My Story Featured on Out There Podcast!

A strange thing happened to me in Colorado. It was September of 2011, and I was in the midst of a solo cross country bicycle tour which was supposed to challenge me on every level, bring my insecurities to light, and help me overcome a deep-seated (and seemingly inexplicable) fear of men. Then I met Danny Dallas. And he did just that. 

Photo provided by the illustrious Joey Emanuel - 

Photo provided by the illustrious Joey Emanuel - 

It's amazing how hard it is to read a situation when you're already paranoid. Danny was immensely generous as my host for the evening, and fascinated by my bicycle tour. But when he insisted on following me the rest of the way to Florida, and wouldn't take "no" for an answer... I panicked. 

Maybe he was just a really nice guy. Maybe he was lost in this world, and looking for someone to need him. Maybe you can listen to this story, and tell me what you think. :) 

Thank you to Willow Belden, the host of Out There Podcast and an excellent human being to work with! This story wouldn't be shared in this format without you.