Down to the Wire! Donate to the Dream!

Annalisa and Erik cycled across the United States last summer, following the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. Annalisa collected beautiful, intimate portraits of Americans she met along the way, sharing their stories and smiles in a way that warmed the nation's heart.

As Americans, we spend a lot of time being wary of each other. We're afraid of blood-thirsty psychopathic weirdos, or angry about politics, or disapproving of certain lifestyles. Annalisa's project comes at a crucial time and reminds us of our shared humanity.

If you love photography, bicycles, travel, this bizarre and beautiful nation, and/or strong women, you need to donate to this Kickstarter Campaign.

The team is just $150 away from their goal. Do yourself a favor, and give a lil' something to be part of this. 

Thank you!