Top Ten Bicycle Camping Tips

There’s a lot to remember when you’re gearing up for a long-distance bike ride. And there’s even more on your to-do list if you’ll be staying in campgrounds instead of hotels. But despite the extra preparation, camping by bike is one of the most rewarding parts of any bicycle tour.

Thankfully, Adventure Cycling Association has some great blog posts on camping by bicycle, and they’ve just published my own “Top 10 Bicycle Camping Tips” to the mix. It includes such gems as how much water to budget per campsite, a short debate on whether or not you’ll need to carry a camp stove, and how many light sources to pack.

READ the full article here: “Top 10 BIcycle Camping Tips”

And here’s even more great camping advice from Adventure Cycling’s blog :

“The Beauty of Cold, Fast Touring Meals” - No camp stove (or dish-washing) necessary.

“How to Get Great Sleep While Camping” - One thing they forgot to mention: your cotton bandanna can double as a sleep mask!

“Touring Gear Essentials” - A comprehensive packing list for newbies, or those of us who need a refresher.

Enjoy and Ride Safe!


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