Caught in the Crosswinds - When Your Bicycle Tour Goes Sideways

Forget about being stuck “between a rock and a hard place.” That’s a cakewalk compared to cycling between a stiff crosswind and a semi-truck’s slipstream. Here’s an article I wrote for Adventure Cycling Association, “Crosswinds: An Invisible Danger”. (My best advice for riding in crosswinds? Just don’t. And, according to the comments this article received, I wasn’t the first cyclist to learn this lesson the hard way.)

“The wind was roaring so loudly in my ears that I didn’t hear a semi-truck coming up from behind. Suddenly a high wall of metal was whizzing past, temporarily blocking the crosswind. My bike was sucked into its slipstream, veering suddenly towards the truck’s massive wheels. When I yanked my handlebars away, I shot off the road and plowed to a stop in the loose gravel. I was stunned, straddling my bicycle and breathing hard. Another semi truck roared by. And then another…”

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