New 'Resources' Page!

I just finished giving presentations at four different Seattle-area REI stores. The speaking tour was called “Across America": Bicycle Touring Your Own Way,” and I got to debunk some of the myths surrounding bike travel (ie: you don’t have to be a hard-core athlete or filthy rich).

The Q&A’s at the end were always my favorite. They were also eye-opening: some folks had been dreaming of bicycle touring for years, and yet had never heard of Other people asked for book recommendations, to get them inspired from the travelogues and memoirs of others. And still more people wanted the links to the Adventure Cycling Association’s “Companions Wanted” page.

So here is my gift to all those awesome, talented, inspiring people that attended my REI talks. Thank you so much to all my readers and supporters for being a part of my experience. I’m returning to my manuscript revisions this week with a re-stoked mental fire, because one day I want to recommend my very own memoir as a book to inspire bicycle travel. (Hell’s yes.)