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Bikepacking from Colorado to Alaska - Emily Dell

Whether she's recalling a stranger's homemade cookies or the time she was nearly caught in a men's locker room, post-shower, by an entire hockey team, Emily brings the delight and humor of bicycle travel to this interview. Her adventures make me want to try bikepacking... the more hard-core, light-weight, off-road version of bicycle touring. 

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Miles of Portraits... By Bicycle - Annalisa

Talented photographer, strong cyclist, and courageous explorer, Annalisa has a penchant for taking the portraits of strangers. Her photographs capture the shared humanity of Americans, in a time when we're both politically and culturally divided. To view her work is to meet someone new. And it's hard not to fall in love with the smiles, determination, and stories of the people in her photos. 

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Adventure Cyclist - Interview with Anna

From leading group bike tours in the United States to exploring Southeast Asia on two wheels with her partner, Anna is all about adventures by bike. "Until we moved to Missoula, we did not have a car for over 4 years," writes Anna, "We've been living a minimalist lifestyle, thanks to the bicycle."

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