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Bicycle Touring Violinist... and Career Woman - Jasmine Reese, Part 3

Jasmine has loved the violin since she was 8 years old, but it’s taken more than a decade for her to realize it’s what she wants to focus on. “In 2016, I decided to get back on my bicycle,” writes Jasmine. “I wanted to turn the road into the music school I never got to attend.”

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Global Cyclist, Nomad, & Mother - Rachel Yaseen

Rachel is a cyclist, trekker, chef, scuba diver and yogi. But she’s also a mom. In this interview, we explore the balancing act of self-sacrifice and self-realization. “At one point I realized that to be the best mom I could be, I had to be true to myself,” writes Rachel. “I had to show my son what that looked like. “

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"Make 'em Comfortable" - Kathryn

After four years of solo international travel, Kathryn knows how to read people. She’s ridden her recumbent tricycle through more than a dozen countries, and has learned along the way that strangers are just friends she hasn’t made yet. “Everyone I see gets a smile and a wave,” she tells me. “You gotta make people comfortable, so they don’t see you as a threat. If they’re calm and happy, I’m calm and happy.”

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