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Australian Artist Hand-Illustrates Bike Touring Maps

Alex Hotchin, an illustrator from Melbourne, Australia, has taken map-making to a whole new level. With her whimsical sketches and attention to tiny details, she draws maps of the terrain she crosses by bike: from Europe all the way to Southeast Asia... and beyond. 

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Your Creative Side is Anorexic

Where'd that big booty go? When you were a kid, your creativity was well-fed.  All day long, teachers and parents and baby sitters and best friends were asking you to draw, paint, cut out, glue together, and play with things. You didn't even think it was weird, to sit at the kitchen table with a pile of play-dough and spend twenty minutes trying to make it look like a zebra.

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Launching Indiegogo Campaign!

I've been dreaming about designing clothing since I was a little girl.  But now, like never before, I'm going after that dream! My passions are intersecting perfectly: as a woman, a cyclist, an artist, an advocate, and a writer. By launching my new design business, I get to share all my favorite things with you! 

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