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“You ABSOLUTELY Can” – Ashtyn

Ashtyn didn’t believe she was capable of biking across the country… but over three thousand miles later, she’d proved herself wrong. Here are Ashtyn’s tips, encouragement, and inspiration for anyone who dreams of traveling by bicycle.

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"Divine Intervention" – Ashtyn

When I asked about miracles on her bicycle tour across the country, Ashtyn responded, “Oh gosh, there were so many!” Here are some of her favorite memories of “divine intervention,” after riding across America with her brother Justin last year. (My personal favorite? The Powerade Miracle.)

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“I Got My Confidence Back” – Ashtyn

Ashtyn never thought she could bike across the country. But at twenty two years old, she was lacking motivation and direction. A recent college graduate with no future plans and a waning confidence, Ashtyn decided to attempt the impossible. She texted her older brother, Justin, who also happened to be a Type One diabetic, and asked if he wanted to join her on a cross-country ride to raise awareness for Type One diabetes. Justin’s response? “F*#k yeah.”

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