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Gaining More Than She Lost - Jean's Bicycle Journey to Weight Loss, Health, and Freedom

How did Jean overcome all odds to lose 200 pounds? “Yes, the ridicule and heckling was terrible,” admits Jean. “But I kept going, because all of the encouragement I received was so much greater.”

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Indie Filmmaker - Interview with Jennifer

Jennifer is a professor of film at Pacific University, where her passions for cycling, family, and filmmaking have combined in her documentary film The Wind In Our Hair, which features the stories of female bicyclists. 

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Cyclin' Superhero - Interview with Sarah

When I try to imagine Sarah Griffith's life, I keep picturing her as a superhero.  Sarah, an unassuming history professor, suddenly sprints into a storage closet and emerges moments later clad in spandex, hefting her trusty bike onto her shoulder, popping gum and ready to win the next mountain bike or cyclocross race. 

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