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Caught in the Crosswinds - When Your Bicycle Tour Goes Sideways

Sometimes it’s not a matter of proper riding technique: it’s a matter of life & death.

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"I Want to be My Own Hero" - Janine Scott

Janine has always been a cyclist. But her dream of pedaling across the United States, on a long-distance, self-supported bike tour, has eluded her. Something mental, emotional, or physical has always held her back. But now, at age 58, she says it’s now or never. “I want to be my own hero,” she writes, “and all I have to do is pedal. I know how to do that.”

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Whatever Gets You Through the Night

The blackest night I’d ever encountered had effectively erased all my belongings from this earth, leaving me with just three possessions: a quickening heartbeat, a nearly dead headlamp, and the sleeping bag I was curled inside of… it was going to be a long night in Tennessee.

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