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Bikepacking from Colorado to Alaska - Emily Dell

Whether she's recalling a stranger's homemade cookies or the time she was nearly caught in a men's locker room, post-shower, by an entire hockey team, Emily brings the delight and humor of bicycle travel to this interview. Her adventures make me want to try bikepacking... the more hard-core, light-weight, off-road version of bicycle touring. 

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Whatever Gets You Through the Night

The blackest night I’d ever encountered had effectively erased all my belongings from this earth, leaving me with just three possessions: a quickening heartbeat, a nearly dead headlamp, and the sleeping bag I was curled inside of… it was going to be a long night in Tennessee.

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The Cycling Poet - Katie B. on Writing & Bike Touring

Katie is a teacher, a touring cyclist, and a poet. “I’ve always thought that cycling and writing are the perfect companions,” she says. “Whenever I get on my bike and start hearing the crunch of gravel, the whir of tires, the songs of birds, the dance of the wind, or the gurgle of a creek, I can’t help but hear poems in my head.”

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Internet Celebrity - Interview with Marley

"Biking While Fat" - That title caught my eye like a neon sign.  I moved my cursor to the link, clicked, and began to read.  It seemed impossible. It was certainly unprecedented. Was someone truly writing about cycling with a body type other than that of a fit-and-chiseled athlete? 

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