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My Story Featured on Out There Podcast!

It's amazing how hard it is to read a situation when you're already paranoid. Danny was immensely generous as my host for the evening, and fascinated by my bicycle tour. But when he insisted on following me the rest of the way to Florida, and wouldn't take "no" for an answer... I panicked. 

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Mindful Adventure - Interview with Renee

Bicycling has not only helped Renee foster her creativity and explore new places, it's deepened her relationships with her brother, her girlfriends, her husband, and herself. 

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Farmer's Market Junkie

I'm a sucker for local food.  I just figure, if it's grown in soil close to home, it's kinda like eating home itself. Which is what ecosystems do.  As Barbara Kingsolver put it, "the forest eats itself, and lives forever".

Here in Hilo, Hawaii, I get to ride my bike to the Farmer's Market every week, all year long.  And I never take that for granted, because fresh local food was a rare treat on my cross-country bike tour.

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