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I’ve got a resting “baby face.” I’m pushing thirty, but strangers often ask if I’m in school… and they don’t always mean college. Last spring, when high school graduation rolled around, several customers at the plant nursery asked me if I was excited to be done with high school.

“Yes,” I replied. “And I was even more excited ten years ago, when I graduated.”

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Freedom from Fear - How Cycling Reminds Susan, Every Day, That She is Powerful

In her early twenties, Susan Brewster found herself in a physically abusive relationship. It took years to free herself mentally from the fear of being hurt and used. After a long career of providing therapy and support to battered women, Susan’s found a powerful sense of herself in another activity: Bicycling. “I refuse to willingly give away my power to any other person ever again, the power over my freedom,” she writes. “My bicycles are my valued tools in that aim.”

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Feminist Bicycle Book Publisher - Elly Blue

Elly Blue has made a living in Portland, Oregon by writing about her two favorite topics: feminism and bicycling. She’s penned such juicy titles as Bikenomics: How Bicycling Will Save the Economy and Bikes in Space: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction, and has claimed her place as one of the USA’s most formidable and respected bicycle activists.

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Doctor-in-Training - Interview with Kyleen

"Powerhouse" doesn't begin to describe Kyleen: She graduated from medical school last summer, and is now in residency training in Klamath Falls, Oregon. "It's a dream come true to be able to mountain bike straight from my house!" she writes, describing her fifteen minute commute to the clinic. During her time off, her partner Josh and dog Oliver join her on the trails. 

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Cycling the French Countryside - Interview with Lorely

In 1979, Lorely and her sister cycled through Southern France on a whimsical, spontaneous adventure. At night they pitched their tent wherever they could: in a field, on a beach, and even in the midst of a nudist colony. In 2016, the sisters returned to their old 'pedaling grounds.' And this time, they took pictures. 

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Bike-commuter in London - Interview with Emma

I catch up with Emma, a college friend who's now a daily bike commuter in London. In this interview, Emma shares the joys of exploring Europe by bike with her husband, as well as the scary accident that left her with more than one torn tendon. (read time: 20 minutes)

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