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Surviving, then Thriving: How Jasmine Rode a Bike Across The US (with Her Dog) To Combat Major Depression

“I learned to love the person I was at that moment and stop trying to find or recapture the girl I used to be,” writes Jasmine. “I learned to love the body that was allowing me to accomplish so much.”

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Caught in the Crosswinds - When Your Bicycle Tour Goes Sideways

Sometimes it’s not a matter of proper riding technique: it’s a matter of life & death.

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“You ABSOLUTELY Can” – Ashtyn

Ashtyn didn’t believe she was capable of biking across the country… but over three thousand miles later, she’d proved herself wrong. Here are Ashtyn’s tips, encouragement, and inspiration for anyone who dreams of traveling by bicycle.

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The Cycling Poet - Katie B. on Writing & Bike Touring

Katie is a teacher, a touring cyclist, and a poet. “I’ve always thought that cycling and writing are the perfect companions,” she says. “Whenever I get on my bike and start hearing the crunch of gravel, the whir of tires, the songs of birds, the dance of the wind, or the gurgle of a creek, I can’t help but hear poems in my head.”

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Field Trip! Schoolteacher leads Teens Across the Nation by Bicycle

Ms. Fran Call, former schoolteacher on Mercer Island, Washington, is a force to be reckoned with. She lead four different groups of junior high students on epic bike tours across the country.  Yes, alone. Yes, fifteen teenagers.  And yes, they pedaled an average of 85 miles per day!

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Farmer's Market Junkie

I'm a sucker for local food.  I just figure, if it's grown in soil close to home, it's kinda like eating home itself. Which is what ecosystems do.  As Barbara Kingsolver put it, "the forest eats itself, and lives forever".

Here in Hilo, Hawaii, I get to ride my bike to the Farmer's Market every week, all year long.  And I never take that for granted, because fresh local food was a rare treat on my cross-country bike tour.

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