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Diana: From 'the Projects' to the Bike Path

Diana grew up in the projects of the South Bronx in New York City, dealing with a bipolar mother and an alcoholic father until the age of 16, when she suddenly found herself on her own. With immense reserves of hard work and courage, she began to build a better life for herself: one that centered around playing outdoors with her children. To this day, she is an avid cyclist, hiker, and kayaker, working two jobs to afford all her gear purchases at REI.

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Moms Aren't Perfect

Mamas aren’t perfect; they’re only human. And while a mother might feel horrified at her own mistakes in the moment, they can be pretty entertaining to remember later. Enjoy these memories from Diana, a mom who continues to ride bikes with her children even after they reached adulthood... whether it’s a good idea or not. :)

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