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Fundraising for Cancer & Challenging Herself - Lydia's Adventures by Bicycle

Lydia has completed many solo bicycling adventures, each more arduous and intense than the last. These “bike challenges,” as she calls them, are for her own benefit as well as others: Lydia raises money for charity to support those with cancer.  In this exclusive interview, we catch up with Lydia just before her biggest undertaking yet - a solo ride through the Trans Ecuador Mountain Bike Route.

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“Joy Felt in All My Cells” - How Laura Killingbeck Set Herself Free

One week Laura was feeling stuck at her job in a nightclub, the next she was cycling alone on her first-ever bike tour... through Iceland. She’s now pedaled over 12,000 miles through a handful of countries, both solo and with cycling partners. Laura said she feels a deep joy in moving through new landscapes, and that "this joy is both felt and stored in all my cells."

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