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Secret's Out: What Women Need To Know About UTI’s & Bicycle Touring

Urinary tract infections, or UTI’s, are a real concern for female cyclists on extended bicycle tours. Here’s some advice about prevention and treatment.

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“The Phantom Man” - Laura Killingbeck

After frightening experiences in both solo hitchhiking and cycling, Laura's no stranger to fear. But the ‘Phantom Man’ doesn’t keep her from exploring. “I don't think every woman has to bike across the world,” writes Laura. “But I do think that every woman who wants to, can.”

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Feminist Bicycle Book Publisher - Elly Blue

Elly Blue has made a living in Portland, Oregon by writing about her two favorite topics: feminism and bicycling. She’s penned such juicy titles as Bikenomics: How Bicycling Will Save the Economy and Bikes in Space: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction, and has claimed her place as one of the USA’s most formidable and respected bicycle activists.

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Internet Celebrity - Interview with Marley

"Biking While Fat" - That title caught my eye like a neon sign.  I moved my cursor to the link, clicked, and began to read.  It seemed impossible. It was certainly unprecedented. Was someone truly writing about cycling with a body type other than that of a fit-and-chiseled athlete? 

(read time: 20 minutes)

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My Story on the JoyRide Podcast

Fellow woman, bicycle advocate, and #metoo supporter Cat Caperello interviews me on her epic JoyRide Podcast, which celebrates women and bicycles. We discuss the uncomfortable motivations behind my cross-country bicycle tour, the impact of sharing our stories, how to cultivate one's intuition before embarking on solo travel, and the one piece of "essential" gear I didn't even bother to pack in my bike bag before heading out across the nation. 

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Indie Filmmaker - Interview with Jennifer

Jennifer is a professor of film at Pacific University, where her passions for cycling, family, and filmmaking have combined in her documentary film The Wind In Our Hair, which features the stories of female bicyclists. 

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