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Adventure Cyclist - Interview with Anna

From leading group bike tours in the United States to exploring Southeast Asia on two wheels with her partner, Anna is all about adventures by bike. "Until we moved to Missoula, we did not have a car for over 4 years," writes Anna, "We've been living a minimalist lifestyle, thanks to the bicycle."

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Indie Filmmaker - Interview with Jennifer

Jennifer is a professor of film at Pacific University, where her passions for cycling, family, and filmmaking have combined in her documentary film The Wind In Our Hair, which features the stories of female bicyclists. 

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Field Trip! Schoolteacher leads Teens Across the Nation by Bicycle

Ms. Fran Call, former schoolteacher on Mercer Island, Washington, is a force to be reckoned with. She lead four different groups of junior high students on epic bike tours across the country.  Yes, alone. Yes, fifteen teenagers.  And yes, they pedaled an average of 85 miles per day!

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