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The Scariest Experience

On her first ever bicycle tour, during her first ever stay with a Warmshowers host, Emily Loberg found herself alone in a basement with a man who was alternatively propositioning her, sharpening a chainsaw blade, and asking to take her photo. In other words, Emily was suddenly living inside of every female traveler’s worst nightmare.

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Do it Your Way - Emily Loberg

Emily Loberg grew up bicycling and traveling, but she didn’t put the two together until college. As a freshman, she went on a guided Spring Break trip to Kentucky and discovered a lasting love for bike travel. After graduating, Emily worked for several years to save enough money to make her dream come true: a solo bicycle tour across the United States.

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Men Aren't Monsters

"Men can't be trusted," people would tell me. "They all want the same thing." And it's kinda stupid, but I actually grew up believing them. I believed that half of the human race didn't deserve my trust, simply because of the body they were born with. 

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