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Secret's Out: What Women Need To Know About UTI’s & Bicycle Touring

Urinary tract infections, or UTI’s, are a real concern for female cyclists on extended bicycle tours. Here’s some advice about prevention and treatment.

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Protect Your Hands, Cyclists!

When you’re spending hours a day in the saddle, it means a certain non-negotiable amount of wear and tear on your body… But that numb, tingly feeling in your fingers, or the pain in your wrists? That’s not normal.

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Why Bicyclists Gotta Cross-Train

There’s this pesky lil’ thing called “cross-training,” and it’s important. Cross-training means practicing a sport or skill other than bicycling, in order to balance your body's musculature. For example, many of the women I've interviewed do yoga or lift weights as their cross-training.  It’s not always easy to do, especially on a bike tour when you’re already exhausted from a day’s ride and lack equipment. But cross-training is essential to preventing injuries.

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