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"Divine Intervention" – Ashtyn

When I asked about miracles on her bicycle tour across the country, Ashtyn responded, “Oh gosh, there were so many!” Here are some of her favorite memories of “divine intervention,” after riding across America with her brother Justin last year. (My personal favorite? The Powerade Miracle.)

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Of Bugs & Bicycles

Another writing piece featured on the Adventure Cycling Association's blog! This one's about insects: slapping them, dodging them, and (accidentally) swallowing them. In the sport of cycling, your face is your windshield. And in Kansas, my windshield was covered in bugs. 

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Confessions of a Touring Cyclist: Public Urination

If you're feeling shock or horror at the idea, then I'm guessing you've never traveled by bicycle through flat farmland.  Pedaling all day, while sipping from your plastic water bottles, combined with an unforgiving, nowhere-to-hide landscape, means there will be a problem in the future of where to "go".

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