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"Reasons Why" - Part 2 with Kerry Gross

Kerry Gross rode her bike over 5,000 miles across the United States. She was alone, and it was her first bike tour. However, Kerry understood that she’d need a really good reason to keep her pedaling through the difficult times. “I knew I needed something more than just biking to keep me going,” she said. Here, Kerry offers her advice to discover what’s holding you back from greatness.

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"Women Who Dare" - Kerry Gross

Kerry wanted to be inspired. She knew there were badass women out there, with stories to share, and she was ready to seek them out. What better way to travel the country, interviewing epic females, than by bicycle? So in the summer of 2017, Kerry Gross embarked alone on her first-ever bicycle tour, armed with a jar of peanut butter and a long list of badass ladies to interview. Her life mantra? “Do the things that scare me.”

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