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Across America by Bicycle - Katie

After riding her bike across the country, Katie shares advice and encouragement for aspiring long-distance bicycle tourers. “Feeling intimidated can be a major discouragement, but we all feel it,” Katie writes. “The fear dies away when you start your journey.”

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Australian Artist Hand-Illustrates Bike Touring Maps

Alex Hotchin, an illustrator from Melbourne, Australia, has taken map-making to a whole new level. With her whimsical sketches and attention to tiny details, she draws maps of the terrain she crosses by bike: from Europe all the way to Southeast Asia... and beyond. 

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My 10 Minutes of Fame at Stoked Spoke!

Oh, how I love being the center of attention. Thank you to Swift Industries of Seattle, for hosting a fabulous night of route-sharing and cycling enthusiasm! (That was hands-down one of the most appreciative crowds I've ever performed for.)

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