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Solo Travels & A Happy Marriage: How Alissa Finds the Balance

Alissa’s relationship with her husband is unusual, but happy. “The rewards of solo travel have been huge for me,” she writes. “I still hope to travel with my husband eventually, but I’ll always value solo adventures as worth seeking out in their own right, not just a last resort when no one else is able to join.”

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Get to Know Your Hesitation: Overcoming Fear on Your First Bicycle Tour - Alissa

"A long trip might seem overwhelming… but could you just pedal your bike down a road for a while? Yes, yes you could. And then you could do it again, and again, and again..." - Alissa Bell, of

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Mindful Adventure - Interview with Renee

Bicycling has not only helped Renee foster her creativity and explore new places, it's deepened her relationships with her brother, her girlfriends, her husband, and herself. 

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