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Nan's Advice for Women Bike Touring Solo

With thousands of miles under her belt, Nan has some advice to share with anyone who's hesitant to embark on a self-supported bicycle tour. Especially women. “I don’t have many mechanical skills,” writes Nan, “But, YOUTUBE!”

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Fear & Love, Across America - Katie B.

“Working through fear is a personal journey, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a supportive riding partner to encourage you as well,” writes Katie B. In this interview, Katie and I discuss the challenges of her 2017 cross-country bike tour, what inspired her to try bicycle travel in the first place, and the rewards that kept her going. She also recounts her “How We Met” story with her boyfriend and touring partner, Jeff!)

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Confessions of a Touring Cyclist: Public Urination

If you're feeling shock or horror at the idea, then I'm guessing you've never traveled by bicycle through flat farmland.  Pedaling all day, while sipping from your plastic water bottles, combined with an unforgiving, nowhere-to-hide landscape, means there will be a problem in the future of where to "go".

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