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6 Years Cycling Solo - Interview with Heike Pirngruber

What does six years of solo cycling do to a person? This interview with Heike, the “Pushbikegirl” of Instagram fame, provides a sneak peak into the (often) solitary life of a woman who’s out to explore the world by bicycle… and who’s greatest fear is becoming an unrelatable outcast.

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"Showing Women We Can” - Cynthia Ord’s Solo Bicycle Tour on the TransAmerican Trail

Of the women who travel by bicycle, the majority are coupled with male partners or with groups. Solo female riders are rare.

“I want to change that,” says Cynthia Ord on her decision to ride solo across America. “Muscle-powered travel is doable for women too. We just don’t see enough examples or hear that message very often.”

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Why Don't More Women Bicycle Tour?

The number of women who ride solo represent a fraction of total cyclists… and yet that’s exactly what makes the number so significant.

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“I Got My Confidence Back” – Ashtyn

Ashtyn never thought she could bike across the country. But at twenty two years old, she was lacking motivation and direction. A recent college graduate with no future plans and a waning confidence, Ashtyn decided to attempt the impossible. She texted her older brother, Justin, who also happened to be a Type One diabetic, and asked if he wanted to join her on a cross-country ride to raise awareness for Type One diabetes. Justin’s response? “F*#k yeah.”

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Bicycle Touring as a New Couple - Katie

When Katie and her boyfriend Rob hatched their plan to ride across the country, they'd been dating just a few months. My interview with Katie continues as she describes what it was like to cycle across the country with her sweetheart. 

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