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Whatever Gets You Through the Night

The blackest night I’d ever encountered had effectively erased all my belongings from this earth, leaving me with just three possessions: a quickening heartbeat, a nearly dead headlamp, and the sleeping bag I was curled inside of… it was going to be a long night in Tennessee.

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My Story Featured on Out There Podcast!

It's amazing how hard it is to read a situation when you're already paranoid. Danny was immensely generous as my host for the evening, and fascinated by my bicycle tour. But when he insisted on following me the rest of the way to Florida, and wouldn't take "no" for an answer... I panicked. 

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Saving Each Other

Gripped by pain on the fourth day of my cross-country bike tour, I consider giving up. Then, I remember all the love and support that brought me this far… and the man I accidentally saved from suicide by selfishly pursuing my dreams (aka: demanding a bath). It’s a long story.

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